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Every Procedure is Different. Here’s a snapshot of our clients’ experience with us.

Nervous Nelly

I was really nervous about my procedure and Shan made me feel at ease. So much so, that I asked her to stay with me until they wheeled me back. When I got home, she made me something to eat and tucked me in. We still keep in touch today.

Day Tripper

I came in from California, so they booked my flight and hotel, and when I landed they picked me up at the airport and we went grocery shopping. She stayed with me the entire day of my procedure. When it was time to go home, she took me to the airport and we hugged goodbye. I consider her a friend and am grateful she offers such a personal service.

Procedure Pro

I’ve had several procedures that have required their services. She calmed me down and was so professional. It feels like having a personal butler with me!

Cool as a Cucumber

Very impressive company – presentation, demeanor and care. It’s clear they are not just drivers, but honest, caring people. No worries about anything.

Team Effort

We love this service. My husband, friend and I all had elective surgery the same day! The Club One team escorted us to our hotel and took care of me when I was sick afterwards. Our service provider even called my daughter to tell her I was ok.

Brave Soul

I thought all I needed was a ride, but I was in so much pain afterwards that I needed more attention than I realized. This is a really cool service. They aren’t nurses but with the level of care they provide, you feel like they are.

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